By Emily

His name is Gavin, and we’re seated together on the plane from Belgium to Canada. He’s lived in Brussels the past six years but hails from the Congo. When he hears I work with local churches in Africa, he says he used to believe there’s a God, but now he doesn’t.

I press further and learn that his family is Catholic, and that he decided one day to see if his life would be altered if he no longer prayed. He stopped praying, and his life stayed the same, so he walked away from God.

I urge him to try again, praying in the name of Jesus. I tell him about The Lulu Tree, how everything is done through prayer, how we don’t even fundraise and how the Lord provides; how we don’t do anything without hearing God speak first, and then we obey. And then I share with him the free gift of salvation, that it’s not something we can earn. He listens and nods.

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