Small things done with great love will change the world.

– Mother Teresa

about e.

Shalom, friend.

I’m e.

I’m a baker (and breaker) of bread.
I used to starve. Now I feed people.

I love much, because I’ve been forgiven much. (See testimony here)

I like to kiss my husband of 20+ years,
hug my three kids, snowboard, paint on canvas, read beautiful books, worship on my guitar, write words and travel. You can often find me in my pajamas, staring out the window. Like Burton Rascoe says, a writer is working when he’s staring out the window.

My favorite places are the poorest places. That’s where I really sing.

When I’m not in Canada, where I live on a farm, I’m hanging out in villages in Africa and Asia. Doing this.

I’m a little ‘e’ with a big God.

Welcome to my home.

My longing will be the same in heaven as upon earth: to love Jesus and make Him loved.

~ St Therese of Lisieux

emily t wierenga artist spirit with dreads
sunrise artwork by emily t. wierenga