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Today I’m boasting about my friends. I’ve got a lot of links for you guys to check out–I’d love if you could choose at least ONE to comment on/encourage. Here we go:

Something to Think About by Sharon O 

Oil of a Widow by Sarah Woolley

What Women Should Know by Christin Ditchfield

Live in Your Fullest Potential by Lee Wolfe Blum

I Need Your Help by Donna Golen Schultz

The Start of the Melting by Rachel Lee Haas

Grace Found Me by Lanette Haskins

On Forgiving the Guy Who Stole My Stuff by Brandon Andress

A Wedding on the Porch by Leslie Ann Hoyt

All God’s Children Ain’t Got Shoes On by Nancy Owens Franson 

Redeemed Motherhood Introduction by Tonya Salomons

Because Love Ripples by Beth Hardison Hess

Tell Him How Wonderful He Is by Melissa Anthony

She by Gretchen Louise Acheson

Apple Pie Anyone? by Katie Mulder

Not My Thing by Tresta Payne

For All the Young Women Out There by Nicole Glover

Going After One by Julie Lambers Faulkner

The Voices in My Head by Kendra Egeland Roehl

Hope Is Bigger Than Anger by Rici Reid

Peek A Boo God by Jen Hanno Sandbulte

On the Quieter Ways of God by Kelli Woodford

On Questions Without Answers by Shelly Miller

20 Things Every Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know About Her by Leigh Ann Highfill 

The Way to Guaranteed Victory by Dawn Gonzalez

Write More, Edit More, Publish Less by Aprille Donaldson

Calm of Mind by Anita Mathias

Where Is My BFF? by Amber Mills Lia

I Have A Voice by Brittany Gooding

Today, Tomorrow and Every Day by Cindy Finley

So Am I Going to Hell? by Heather Windeler

Jesus Sits in the Smoking Section by Erika Morrison

Because Every Life Has a Story by Lou Holwerda

The Time We Stole a Burger King Toy by Melinda Todd

An Open Letter to Grief by Kate Motaung

Bad Teacher by Amanda Parish

A Framework for Success by Edith Pont

The Magic Brush Ink by Jennifer Allwood

Faith That Tries Not by Dawn Paoletta

Whispers of the Enemy by Mary Ann Waltz

What They Don’t Tell You by Carolynn Anctil

From Chrysalis to Chrysalis by Celeste Steele-Perez

Are You In with the In Crowd by Jennifer Kostick

40 Days of Seeking His Face by Emily Craddock Pridgen

How to be a Real Live Family by Diane Bailey

My Little Corner by Cindy Goff O’Brien

Kissing the Dust by Tracy Earley

On the Wings of Dawn by Kristin Bridgeman

When You Face the Brokenness of Truth by Lisha Epperson

State of the Heart Living by Caryn Jenkins Christensen

A Journey Toward Hope by Laura Lee Groves

Treat Me to a Feast by Chelle Wilson

The Gift of Writing by Claire De Boer

A Dad’s Memory by Lori A. Heyd

A Desperate Woman by Dena Ratliff Dyer

SerendipiTee by Teresa Bell Lockhart

Truth by Whitney Cornelison

Children Learned to Read Before there was Curriculum by Sarah Mae

Sweet Blessings by Jenifer Metzger

The Bent I by Flickers of a Faithful Firefly

Revealing the Cracks by Gina Smith

Like Corn in the Night by Kelly Hausknecht Chripzuck

Going Through the Gate or Fence Jumping by Blue Cotton Memory

Green Pepper by Laura Brown

When Noticing is Hard by Blue Marble God

A Eucharisteo Dare by Jenny Jenkins Irvine

When We Dare to be Brave by Jo Ann Fore

Running in the Desert by Beth Morey

My Uncle’s Listening Lesson by Sheila Seiler Lagrand

God Made a Family by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Love Defined: Serve by Laura Boggess

True Worship and $20 by Deidra Lawson Manning

Goin’ Round the Mountain by Kimberly Dawn Nyborg

Finding Joy in Everyday Moments by Angie Nordman Ryg

The Bird’s Life by Julie Hobbs Todd

When You Can’t Reach it Alone by Sharon MacKenzie Wooten

Anam Cara by Tara Owens

A Cup of Tea with Carol by Carol Burton McLeod

Wiped Away by Becky Keife

I’m a Wreck by Miriam Iliff

When It’s Time to Tell the Story by Jemelene Wilson

Sing for Me Arcs! by Karen Halvorsen Shreck

PPF: Stewardship by Patricia Alejandro Paterno

The Truth of Our Blessings by Tarah Tubbs

Earth to Earth by my very own father, Ernest Dow