Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. For the month of October I decided I was done. We took these boys in last February and their mom had until now to get on medication, to get her ducks in a row, and there are no ducks and I’m done with grace. 
I’m done with it, because we had a deadline. And I’m sitting in our silver Subaru, granola bars and toys strewn on the ground. I’m sitting here waiting for Trent to finish up in the store, and there’s a flower shop just two buildings down and you’re telling me to buy her a bouquet.
This mother of the boys whom we’ve taken in. These boys ages 2 and 4, in addition to our own, ages 1 and 3, and we feel used. The contract she signed, she’s done nothing, except party and drugs, and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t wanted to quit. But I haven’t, for her, for Jesus, but now I’m quitting. 
But you won’t let me, Lord, and why should I buy her flowers?

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**Please note, since writing this post more than a month ago, the boys’ mom has since made significant efforts to improve upon her situation, and we have been greatly encouraged.*