they are so very small, Lord, and you so big, and you, knowing their hearts, their minds, their destiny, be the biggest in my life so i might mold them pure. be the anchor in my storm, the holder of my heart so i can hold them tight. let not my dreams or ambitions separate. let family be my number one ministry, and number one desire, and when it’s all been said and done let them rise up and call me blessed for the dailies. for the laundry piles and the dishes and the meals prepared and the potty and the late night feedings, let these be a blessed burden for the lives behind it all. and when i’m gone and it’s just them and the world and their souls, may you be the one they remember. may yours be the face that smiled at them, yours the hands that cooled their fevered foreheads and yours the lips that said “i love you” countless times each day. may you be the reason, the purpose, the love behind everything that i am, and may i die to me today, so they might live.