The local news, this morning, featured the inventor
of the Jesus toaster, which may or may not be a
great Christmas gift but at least

This way you can have breakfast with Him
any time you want, look him in his slightly charred eyes
as you give thanks, before biting His left ear off,

Or let Him know you will butter His toast if and when
He butters yours, but I wonder how He feels
with jam smeared all over His face, does it
have to be sweet Concord grape
for a proper communion.

Being fond of black raspberry, i am
hoping for grace and

Having seen the ones that burn NFL logos
on your bread, perhaps He was jealous
seeing as they already get 9 hours on Sunday
to His one.

Then again, I won’t speak too loud considering
the gas station carries 12 inch buck knives,
one inch for each disciple, with His brand
and ‘GOD is love’ down the handle
for when you need to clean your kill

Honestly, I changed the channel,
I can only take so much news,
before it gets depressing.

(i’m sure most of you have read this brilliant piece by brian by now, but in case you missed it, i’m highlighting it from this week’s imperfect link-up… bless you friends, for all you do and for who you are, and for being broken with me.)