Adeline is a single mother who lives in Haiti in this house with her son.  Every weekday, Adeline rides a tap-tap to work at the One Vision Vi Bella site.  These are her words, translated from Creole, but unedited:

“Vi Bella represents my husband, and a father for my child. Every bit of my hope falls here; it rests here because it is my only means of support. Working here has brought me closer to God. Each day here is a step closer. Prior to being here I had no hope in anything, including God, I had lost all hope. Vi Bella has helped me regain and rest my hope on God especially during our afternoon prayers. What I love most about work is the joy it brings us all. We can sit, joke, laugh and have our hearts lifted not just with happiness but joy.”


Meet Marie Therese.  Marie Therese is as sweet and lovely as the name she possesses.  She is a quiet, diligent, purposeful worker. Sometimes when I look over at Marie Therese, I see a look of concern on her face, and sense she is deep in thought. She very likely is- Marie Therese takes care of many people. But then Marie Therese smiles, and her smile it is like sunshine breaking through the clouds. It is the kind of smile that radiates joy.

Marie Therese and her family live in this home in a small village in Haiti.
This is what Marie Therese says about her job:

“My work is my biggest motivation . I have five children and a husband who does not have a job. If Vi Bella did not exist, in some way neither  would I. I feel I would cease to exist. Vi Bella has helped me to better accommodate the way I live each day.

I was once in need and received help from someone else. Now every time I see that person, they remind me of what they did for me and that I will always be indebted to them. What I love most about Vi Bella is knowing that I am taking care of my family myself. All my debts are paid.
I also enjoy being with the other women at Vi Bella. We live as sisters and share all things.”

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“Vi Bella impacts the lives of at-risk women in Haiti, Mexico, and the United States by providing them jobs which pay good wages in safe, encouraging work environments.  These women serve as our artists and inspiration.  Our Vi Bella artists ‘up-cycle’ discarded plastic and glass bottles, metal bottle caps and paper, transforming them into unique, handmade jewelry that is truly a work of art.  We then invest all of our profit back into the artists’ communities, which brings the transformation full circle.” (Visit the ViBella Website to learn more)

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Happy Summer!