Nativity, 11″ by 9″ with 2″ borders on canvas, at e’s Etsy Shop

Some of my favorite finds on the Interweb this week:

A Pastor’s Wife Gets Real: What Happens When a Pastor’s Wife Gives Up

Ann Voskamp Redefines Boring: The Real Truth about Boring Men and the Women  Who Live With Them

How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home (this one really convicted me)

Michelle DeRusha on the Only Kind of Endorsement Anyone Ever Needs

A Woman’s Fight to Preserve Virtue 

Lorretta Stembridge is Bringing Sexy Back, and it’s beautiful.

Why Shelly Miller Can’t Do Church Anymore

A Father Thanks Women for Being Modest in this moving post. 

Tsh offers a practical Guide to Ethical Shopping

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