her photos, her words, like pearls across page, and this is patty… from finding serendipity. and this, her post, ‘miss daisy’.

i hustle out of the house,

about to embark on yet another day,

my vision obscured

by all of my to do’s.

i reach the crest in the road

and the light is just so,

awakening my sense of living,

my sense of presence.

flowers have bloomed.

another season,

another year.

she doesn’t live here anymore.

the propped up broom is gone,

and the grass is a little high.

i don’t know if she’s with family now,

or in a nursing home.

maybe she’s just moved,

or moved on.

her flowers grow almost wild now,

as untended as they are.

they’re still beautiful.

they force my sight to focus

to see what’s there

right in front of me.

a message.

a gift.


live with presence.

another season,

another year,

another lifetime,

(thank you, friends, for your imperfect prose, and for voting for this little place, here…)