(photo by JustinaGibson.com)

“Why do you want to be on TV?”

We were walking home from Mount Carmel Bible School, along the same stretch of asphalt we walked every day and he was a farm-boy from Neerlandia, a small Dutch community with three reformed churches.

And he asked me this because I’d said I wanted to become a news anchor. Eventually, after he kept prodding, I admitted I wanted to be on TV because I wanted to be known.

And he told me that wasn’t a good reason for doing anything.

I wasn’t used to that. I was used to boys telling me I could be on TV because I had a pretty face, and I liked that answer much better.

But he saw beyond my looks, he saw the trembling little girl that wanted to be scooped up and held, and he knew it wasn’t about strangers’ validation. It was about my own family not even knowing me.

Since that walk, that day, this farm-boy has become a husband and I’ve realized, it’s not about being known at all. It’s about making others known. It’s about tearing down selfishness, and building up something bigger. Something divine and holy and beautiful. How do we do this when as authors and bloggers and entrepreneurs and artists, we’re expected to be in the spotlight?…

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