I am from a little church blooming and growing in size, a blessed bunch God has bought in.

I am from scared knees knocking to stand up and sing, so I stood on Him and joined the team, worship is more than Sunday Morning it’s a life.

I am from joining the Youth team on Sunday evenings and helping in details, watching daughter grow as a youth song leader.

I am from a broken cage, like a bird I flew, away from fear to find joy was always near.

I am from would you like to serve on council, crying cause why would anyone pick me, but God said He did and I believed Him and now I speak for many.

I am from a critical heart poured out like oil, submitting and finding the grace is all over, seeing the beauty and wonder of it all, now I keep track of blessings.

I am from a smile of encouragement when I doubt, only a turn of my head and my husband is right there drumming for the heart of God.

I am from “we all need to be honored” God loves us enough to trade His Son for the flocks we each live with, so that’s why we submit one to another, and give honor where honor is due.

(Each year changes us …. How has 2011 changed me so that the who I am now is created by the where I am from. Starla (of Poet’s Prose).

thank you, beautiful starla, for this stirring piece… may you all experience beauty, this weekend. love, e.