welcome to imperfect prose on thursdays. this week’s prompt is ENCOURAGE. today’s post is by imperfect team member Elizabeth W. Marshall.

When You Speak
It sounds like a thundering herd.
Running bold and hard, hooves quick, determined.
Heavy purpose in each stride
Off in a deafening cloud of dust,
When it comes, strengthens, builds, restores.
And it feels like a renewing, comes dancing on my shadowed space.
Leans in slow, and breathes a peace on me,
Right before you placed your lips, gentle on my check
And left a tickling sign of love.
You mark me with new hope.
And to my ears it sounds like music, 
Played loud and strong from a symphony,
Each instrument coaxed into holy harmony
At the gentle direction of the maestro’s hands
Calling out the song as it should be.
Note on note blends in perfect chorus
Made strong by each musician
Striking thoughtful, careful chords.
My spirit becomes as this,
When you breathe words of hope into my life.
You strengthen every muscle, tendon, ounce of flesh
Where paralysis wounded, left me faint
The ebony shades are now removed
From my darkened view.
The dingy dull made beautiful
When you lean in love into my life.
Where desperation and fatigue muscle in, unwelcome though they are
And creep up on my weary soul,
Your mercy drips sweet grace on grace
And lets me frame my pain
With a new vision seen through hope.
The weak made strong, the timid bold
All fear is swept away by rivers of your grace.
It smells like soil beneath my calloused feet,
Frail and boney,
Where you dug me deeper in
And packed my roots down tight and safe.
Watered well in love, watered well by you.
And where I shiver, frozen in my doubt,
You thaw me set me free
And loose me from the mire
Permitting me to shine.
Do you know you build a ladder,
A place for me to climb and cling
To find my way with purpose,
Living life extravagantly,
Empowered now
And strengthened.
Wrapped up in the encouragement
The saints have given graciously to me.

(Post by Elizabeth W. Marshall at WynneGraceAppears)
So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you’re already doing this; just keep on doing it. – 1 Thessalonians 5:11, The Message

every thursday, we gather together to celebrate redemption. here are the details:  

1. link up a post (old or new) that relates to this week’s prompt (or to a similar theme)

2. put the ‘imperfect prose’ button at the bottom of your post, so others can find their way back here (see button code in right-hand column of my blog) 

3. read other’s prose, and encourage them!

 so won’t you join us, as we “walk each other home”? (ram dass)

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