Welcome to Imperfect Prose on Thursdays, a link-up in which we celebrate redemption. Today’s Prompt is LOVE.

It was one week ago, today.

Jin’s and Joey’s mom wrote me, saying she was pregnant again and she couldn’t keep it, she said, and she was so mad because she’s now being such a good mom, making chore charts and cooking the boys such nutritious meals and getting them to bed on time, and then this happens. And she was on birth control the whole time, she said, and she feels the world is against her.

And I told her we would adopt her baby, just don’t abort, and I have to talk with Trent, I said, but please, don’t kill that baby.
Trent said, Emily, there are so many couples out there who want children who can’t have them. Maybe she’d consider them? But if not, then yes, we will.

And we will, because we’re trying for our own anyway. I told you that in THIS post. I also told you in THIS post that we couldn’t adopt, but when you’re faced with a mother who’s saying she’ll abort unless you help her, you help.

Is there a choice?

In these moments, is there anything but love, and love being a sacrifice? Always, a sacrifice.

So we’ve told her we’ll take her baby if she doesn’t want anyone else to have it, just please don’t kill it, we’ve said, and she’s still not sure.

So she’s taking this week to talk to her boyfriend and to consider whether or not she can work as a single mom and grow this baby and I’m writing all this to beg you to pray.

Please pray, friends. Pray that this baby will be protected. Pray that its mother will know the love that wraps her, round. Pray that somehow, miraculously, money will flow so she doesn’t need to work, so she can stay home and take care of her two boys and grow this child.

She is going to let us know by Monday.

I’m on my knees.

I’m feeling the earth between my fingertips, the soil from which all life stems, and I’m asking Jesus to save this baby.

Because love is conceived in the darkest of places. In the womb of despair, in the fertile heart of sorrow.

And from it, a miracle is born.

every thursday, we gather together to celebrate redemption. here are the details:  

1. link up a post (old or new) that relates to this week’s prompt (or to a similar theme)
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 so won’t you join us, as we “walk each other home”? (ram dass)

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