Warning: This post is not to answer all of your questions. It is not to provide a universal equation. It is not to defend feminism or complementarianism or anything else. It is to share my story.

Up until a few months ago I had stretched ears, a piercing in my chin, and dreadlocks, and while those are gone (because I’m attempting to look a little more professional due to my books coming out), I still have two tattoos—one on my neck, symbolizing motherhood, and the other on my wrist: lilies, reminding me that God cares for me.

I’m a girl with a lot of questions and a lot of boys (two biological sons, two foster sons, and a man I met in Bible School). I am a white, middle-class, Bible-believing, married, heterosexual woman. And up until a few years ago, I was a radical feminist.

All of this, to explain the position from which I write this post. I might disagree with myself in years to come. I might not. But the whole point of A Deeper Story is to dig deeper, and lately, I’ve felt the need to dig deeper into my roles as wife and mother.

So will you dig deeper with me?

Can we pretend we’re sitting in a pub with some pints, and I’m telling my story to you?…

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