t.s. poetry is partnering with artists and photographers to create a new line of products… today i am so pleased and humbled to introduce to you “the emily” collection… featured here are a few samples of what you’ll find at the online store, here.

we are wanting to get the word out, so i wonder, will you help us? there is a gift in it for you! share the online store (http://www.cafepress.com/tspoetry) on your facebook pages, twitter, blogs, and however else you wish… then tell me, in the comments section, how you shared, and at the end of the week i will choose a winner to get a free gift (of their choosing) from the store.

the goal of this business venture is to bring beautiful words and art to the world.

thank you for being beauty in my life. bless you, friends.

ps. it looks like we’re getting the boys this friday… pleading prayer, once again, as we begin the journey… love you. xo