trent is pulling aiden on his horse and the kettle whistles long lost train and the steam finds chai and i`m resting in the church that is my home

there is holy in the corners where the lamplight leaves its yellow
there is broken in the runny noses and stained carpet and chipped pottery
there is fellowship in the father playing with his boy and there is rest in the slant of winter-sun

i told husband`s mother i loved her house, and she looked at me as if i`d said i owned the stars because she lives in a trailer but it feels like a sanctuary

i step into the room they live in and there is love there, it holds you with its walls, and you sink into it because it can take the weight

she brings you tea and she asks you about your day and Christ is present in the serving

i want this for my children. for my home to be a place where God is worshiped in the caring for one another. where fabric is worn and quilts are thrown for the use and toys are stepped on and grace is said more than three times a day.

day is winding and curry simmers and baby claps hands on the counter and he`s singing to himself the hymn of the contented and i write poetry on my fridge with white magnets

may you never leave, i beg God. may you always abide among us

may this ever be a place where the broken pottery and runny noses find a home


joining ann and the gratitude community today….

210. snow days
211. friends playing games with us
212. son babbling stories to himself
213. woodstove heat in freezing temps
214. husband cooking supper
215. a broken community worshiping together
216. new dreams
217. prayers for old ones
218. a God who doesn’t give up on me
219. barbara kingsolver
220. annie dilliard