It was university and we were in chapel, singing, when the hymn broke in two with the towers and the news camera, all shaky as my knees and the other students standing as I folded and cried. This Canadian girl.

(Won’t you join me here for the rest of this story, friends? May you know his peace on this tragic anniversary…)

Thanking God today…

591. for little Kienan being found
592. for warm blankets on cool fall nights
593. for the smell of sweet peas climbing the fence
594. for aiden and trenton playing soccer in the hallway
595. for banana bread all warm
596. for being told i’m beautiful by my love
597. for the way we lay beneath the stars as though we were dating
598. for the sound of baby laughter
599. for the sound of silence
600. for rain on a sunday when all the combines stand still