we took a trip, two springs ago, to a ranch in the dominican… me, five weeks pregnant with aiden, both trent and i craving what seemed a place of waterfalls and horse rides and rustic.

the bunk beds broke at 3 am–and not because of anything romantic. the floors trailed with taranchulas. we were the only visitors all week long, and there was one horse–it hated to be ridden (as evidenced in video above). there were waterfalls; there was also a memorable scooter ride on which i burned my leg.

on a day when the sky rained us soggy trent pulled me onto a bus and took me to the beach where we stayed in an indian, new-age yoga joint and were grateful for clean floors and the breath of sea.

early tomorrow morning we vacate again, me 22 weeks pregnant with baby number two and aiden staying with oma and opa. this time, to a place kind to our bodies and minds, a new resort, and yes, one of those places you sit and shake your head at thinking, “really? is this how spoiled we’ve become?”

sigh. i’m afraid it is. i will post pictures as i’m able… may you full rest in love that never ends … peace to you all.