i transplant a flower, rub the soil between my hands. it’s so much easier to worship without walls, and we skipped church today. it’s hard to skip church in a community that doesn’t ever miss a sunday. but we do sometimes, because the sabbath is for man, not man for the sabbath.

i’m realizing there’s a lot of things we promote as Christians that i don’t agree with. like pews. why are they so hard? shouldn’t church be the most comfortable, welcoming, beautiful place, kind of like a gigantic living room?

and pro-life rallies. the kind with squeaky shoes on sidewalks, and magic marker signs. the kind i’ve written about before.

my friend is on the pro-life committee. it seems i attract these kinds of people, and she is always trying to convince me to become actively pro-life.

i am pro-life, i tell her. i advocate for the unborn, but i also advocate for the born. for the very much alive, and the broken.

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