sometimes there is a rightness to the world. as though the earth is humming with angels’ songs and all you have to do is hush, to hear it.

we attended church this easter sunday, and the sermon was good and convicting and solid.

but we also rode for half an hour outside, on new fallen snow, on snowmobiles and sleds, the sun shining like Jesus in all of his glory and there was more church in that air, in that ride, in that holy kiss of earth and heaven, than i’ve ever known within any building.

God is over all things
under all things,
outside all,
within, but not enclosed,
without, but not excluded,
above, but not raised up,
below, but not depressed,
wholly above, presiding,
wholly without, embracing,
wholly within, filling.

(Hildevert of Lavardin)

*linking with jen, laura and michelle, and thankful with ann for:

781. a sister’s visit, with her fiance, and them cleaning out my fridge and unloading my dishwasher and giving me dark chocolate
782. auntie karen showing up on a day the nanny couldn’t make it, and God always with us
783. painting eggs with the kids
784. learning how to better love myself, through eating more healthily and resting longer
785. a husband who cooked easter breakfast for the entire family, extended too
786. sunshine and tricycles and grass poking green
787. touching soil
788. barbecued chicken and wine coolers
789. a documentary on meercats
790. an easter egg hunt with the kids followed by the easter story followed by the children, praying.

(see you wednesday morning for the return of imperfect prose! xo)