well, besides the obvious, they are innumerable.

for example, did you know men have “nothing boxes”? mental boxes, in which they sit and do, well, nothing?

trent and i learned this while watching laugh your way to a better marriage, and women cannot have nothing boxes because as soon as they walk in, they want to decorate. to hang picture frames here, and put flower vases there, and pretty soon it’s a something-box.

(for more of my thoughts on men and women, won’t you join me here at A Deeper Story, friends? and please, will you pray for safety for us as we travel to Rockridge Canyon in Princeton, BC, tomorrow, where Trent is going to be serving as head leader for two weeks? please also pray for our godsons, joey and jin, who will be living with their mom/grandma over that time period. thank you. thank you. xoxo)