In this photo, Maverick’s mommy is holding him for the first time in two months. She’s just been told by doctors that she is probably going to lose him. It will be the first of many times Maverick will defeat the odds. #miracleformaverick

My friend’s son, Maverick, has gone through 13 operations.

He is four months old.

His family has been told countless times that they will lose him–and countless times, God has kept Maverick alive.

Congenital Heart Disease is the leading cause for infant death in the world. (tweet this)

One in 100 children has it.

Maverick is one of those children.

Maverick’s mother, Rachel–who has two other boys as well–has not left the hospital since her youngest was born, except to fly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton where Maverick has undergone 13 surgeries, over 200 units of blood, 2 Cardiac arrests,1 right atrium hemorrhage, 3 sepsis infection,1 amputation, and countless other tests and scans.

Recently Maverick lost his fingers and thumb. When he was a newborn and on life support, a line was put into his hand to monitor his blood pressure; he was so tiny and unstable they couldn’t move it around. As a result, three months later, his fingers and part of his thumb had to be amputated because there was no circulation spreading to that part of the hand.

Prior to the surgery, Rachel took Maverick’s hand, kissed each of his fingers and said, “Thank you God, for taking my son’s hand and not my baby.”

When Maverick was just two months old, Rachel wrote this poem:

They said, the surgery is long and risky. We prayed for a miracle. They said, the infection is bad, he will not make it. We prayed for a miracle. They said, he will not come off the VAD. We prayed for a miracle. They said, his kidneys will not recover. We prayed for a miracle. There were a billion other times ~ we prayed for a miracle. They said, ‘He’s surprising us all!’ We said ‘A whole army of host’s is a prayin’ for a miracle.

Friends? We’re gathering today to give Maverick and his family that miracle (tweet this). 

We’re gathering to raise money through an online auction, and a simple donation page, in honor of Heart Families–in particular, Maverick’s family–to help increase awareness for heart disease and the many families it affects, and to assist with medical expenses.

Maverick’s father, Dave, has been flying back and forth multiple times from Winnipeg (where he works) to Edmonton (two provinces over, where the Stollery Children’s Hospital is located), and Rachel and Dave are so very grateful for the help they have received regarding those flights. Nevertheless, medical expenses and others still remain.

This is what God’s community does: we rise up like the church that we are, and we take care of the least of these. 

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What if this was our son, friends? (tweet this) Let’s give as though it were.

Love, e.


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