Perhaps we’ve got it backwards. 
Maybe it’s not about size at all, but about strength. Maybe it’s not about smooth skin, but about wrinkles.

Maybe instead of touching up our roots, it’s about showing off our silver hairs. Because it’s all about perspective. 

When a person looks at an oak tree, he sees strength—not size. When he cuts down this tree, he doesn’t airbrush the rings, but marvels at their number. Like wrinkles, they display age and long-suffering, stories untold—and why do we try to Cover Up true beauty?
Society has chosen certain qualifiers like size, smoothness of skin and color of hair, because it can profit from them. It cannot profit from natural, God-given beauty. It cannot market true value. So, using commercials and movies and sitcoms, it saturates our brains with the need to appear fake so it can produce a dollar.  
It trains us to feel inadequate, watching these commercials and these sitcoms, and we start to despise ourselves. We become like children, with toy ads, and it doesn’t matter how many toys we already have.

All we can think is, I need more.Because society tells us we do.

The cycle spirals, and we get work done on our noses, boobs, eyebrows, thighs and lips, until we’re so plastic we can no longer smile. Because we’ve lost the real. 
North American media has hit the world with Barbie bombshells. It has destroyed the lives and souls of hundreds of thousands of girls, all in the name of profit…

It’s not about one mom standing in front of the mirror.  It’s about thousands of moms. As women, we are all connected. Your life matters. Your value is worth more than you can imagine. And the lives you’re touching, more than you’ll ever know.  

(Excerpt from Mom in the Mirror, Chapter 15: Identity Crisis—Discovering True Self-Worth)
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