Red Canoe, commission. Watercolor with salt on 12″ by 24″ canvas.

Oh friends, there are some beautiful words out there this week… and some very creative music videos. Check it out!

What It Means to be Filthy Rich by Jennifer Dukes Lee

“So, we found the secret to getting rich. We found it out on some jagged crook of island, where the ocean slaps against the rocky shore, and a persistent alleluia miraculously breaks through the growl of hunger…”

A Southern Cross Love Song: Remembering Nelson “Mandiba” Mandella by Lisa-Jo Baker

“Why is this white girl a long way from South Africa tonight crying over an old black president she never met?”

The Most Creative Music Video I’ve Ever Seen 

Why Duck Dynasty Rocks My World 

Jane Fonda’s Inspiring Message to Our Sons

An amazing and crafty advent calendar my boys and I purchased and printed off: suitable for pre-schoolers upwards.

When a Homeless Man Joins a Music Video–and moves everyone to tears. Some beautiful worship here, friends.

That Day I Wore Yoga Pants: 5 Myths About Modesty — This woman spoke bold and got ridiculed for it, but I love her message.

Why this Christian is no longer waiting for the right one (a message that’s gone viral)