My friend Wendy Paine Miller has a beautiful heart, and love for Jesus and she’s written 10 books. She’s here today sharing about what makes her feel alive, and is giving away her debut novella.

Somewhere along the way in the process of creating my bio I decided it would be a good idea to add times when I feel most alive.

It feels like my list keeps growing.

Or I keep changing it the second I think of additional things that breathe life into me.

So far reading, writing, running, speeding in a boat, laughing, encouraging others, making others think, refurbishing furniture, and being immersed in conversation have all made the cut in one bio or another.
It’s an important question. One everyone should ask themselves periodically.

Apparently, I ask myself on a regular basis.
So, what of it? What’s the benefit of asking yourself this question?

When do I feel most alive? Or put another way, what makes me feel most alive?

I know for me, my answers reveal  what I care about—what fuels me, restores me, what I consider exhilarating.

Too many women (especially moms out there, can I get an Amen?) don’t take the time to think about what motivates us. What lights us up with life.

And it matters.

Because we only experience one of these jangly things called life. And the more alive we feel, the more we’re likely to pump others full of life.

How would you answer this question—when do you feel most alive?

Wendy lives with her husband, their three girls, and a skunk-dodging Samoyed. She feels most alive when she’s laughing, speeding on a boat, reading, writing, refurbishing furniture or taking risks. She’s authored ten novels and is currently writing what she hopes will be your future book club pick. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies and online sites. Wendy graduated with a BA in English from Wittenberg University, where she earned an Honor of Distinction for her accrued knowledge of literature.

Visit her blog here, or connect with Wendy on Facebook or Twitter @wendypmiller.

Wendy is giving away two copies of her debut novella. Leave a comment if you’d like to win, and we’ll choose winners by the end of the week!