“The earth is my shoe,” Trent says.

He’s walking barefoot from the hot tub to the cabin.

“For most people, every step is the same. For me, it’s all new. One step is smooth. Another, pokey, another, rough… every step is an adventure.”

The sun seems brighter here in Jasper, and I can’t stop breathing. The kind of intentional breathing because I feel healthier doing it, like I’m trying to absorb the mountains, trying to inhale them into my chest.

We’re kids again, and it takes us awhile. At first we just sort of sit and stare at each other, stir the glass in our water with our straws and almost burst into tears. We talk a lot about the kids, and then we get quiet again and noticed the way each other fidgets. The way our faces have wrinkled a bit more, the way the sunshine has brought out my freckles and his eyes always seem to be laughing. And we hold hands, as though afraid to let go.

The morning after we arrive, we go snowboarding.

We descend from the chair lift onto sheer ice, wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into, but slowly we begin to carve, to talk, to make progress down the rough edges and the sun warms everything up until suddenly we’re flying.

“Go down with grace,” I hear God say, “on eagle’s wings,” and being married has never been easier.

On the last day we hike Maligne Canyon and Trent kisses the top of my head as I stare at the waterfall.

We’re quiet again, walking back to the car, holding each other’s hands loosely. Driving past the old Indian Head and home.

“I would follow you anywhere,” I tell Trent.

And I would. Barefoot. Because with him, it’s all new. Every step, an adventure.

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thankful for these:

821. relatives who not only flocked to care for our boys while we were gone, but cleaned out my fridge, and made the kids a turkey dinner complete with stuffing and pie
822. a nanny who will be living with us three days of the week, and who asked me if it’s alright if she cleans my house in the evening (um… yes… :))
823. spring snowboarding and hiking and hot tubbing with husband in jasper
824. returning home to kiss our dear children on the cheeks
825. a publisher who is more than accommodating
826. an agent who considers me her friend
827. my father, whose birthday was today, who inspires me to be a servant and a passionate Christ-follower (thank you, Dad)
828. receiving a starbucks card in the mail from a blogger friend (thank you!!!)
829. hours of support and love from this lady here, for my upcoming book on eating disorders
830. a God who constantly whispers love into my ears