I chose this morning to delete my letter to the Boy Scouts and to the Church.

Friends, my intention in writing the letter that I did was to speak the truth in love to the LGBTQ community, but many did not feel it was loving. So I decided to take it down out of respect to those relationships; I desire to show mercy in as much as I desire to walk in truth… I still intend to stand up for truth but I also want to love mercy, and it felt like too many were hurting. 

I care about those that are hurting. I think we as Christians have done a lot of damage over the years in the name of truth so it’s all about finding the balance… about loving extravagantly, even if it means taking down a post that you believe strongly in. I hope I haven’t caused any of you to stumble.

I’m deeply sorry for wounding so many, as I was truly trying to speak in love. Yet sometimes it’s so hard to see the heart behind the words when you’re hurting, and I get that. I truly do.

I hope that, with time, we will be able to discuss these issues as a church with more grace and openness, versus resorting to such anger and hostility.

All my heart, e.