we moved kasher from the crib to the bunks today, and aiden from the bottom to the top. and now that our foster boys, joey and jin, are back at their mom’s, the house seems a lot quieter–and the crib stands empty.

and the other day i wanted to buy a child-sized pink snowsuit. i cry every time i see a baby girl. i never used to want a little girl, too afraid i’d mess her up, but a year ago now, trent and i both had a dream on the same weekend in the same location. him in the morning, biking past the co-op gas station, and me in the afternoon running past it, of our daughter. she had chubby cheeks and brown hair, and she sang.

just a couple of months later, we took joey and jin in, and kasher was just six months, and we didn’t have enough bedrooms, but she was always there. our daughter. singing, in the background…

(i am posting for the FINAL time at A Deeper Story, HERE, today, friends… follow me there? and i hope the bells of Christmas are still peeling loudly in your home…)