i bring banana loaf to her house, the red wagon behind and moon in the sky above.

i am a writer. the story is my lifeline, and me not knowing this more than as a mother. as a woman with bloody show and labour pains and the wrench of love and the laying down of life and that first cry, you’re changed forever and it’s a change a man will never understand. and so you tell your story to the women around you, and you see the light in their eyes, the light that says they understand.

(over here, at dear heather’s today; will you join me?)

with ann today, too:

601. two little boys who make me laugh
602. family clinging together
603. the call of hundreds of geese flocking the skies
604. a new project to work on
605. a boy who likes to do laundry 🙂
606. long walks down country roads
607. a husband who likes to cook
608. movies in the afternoon with popcorn
609. answered prayer
610. friends who care

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